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Shanghai Jason Plastic is specialized in designing and manufacturing high quality plastic packaging, including a full range of mold-making, injection molding, metal stamping, hot-stamping, printing, vacuum chrome, electronic welding, electronic assembly, etc. Jason owns two plants in Shanghai and Suzhou respectively.

Shanghai Plant, Jason established in 2003, located in Jiading district of Shanghai, owns 10000㎡ factory areas and 500 employees.

Suzhou Plant, Gerpman established in 2012, located in Taicang city of Jiangsu province, owns 20000㎡ factory areas and 1500 employees. The total turnover of 2016 is about RMB 350millions.

Shanghai Jason Plastic is committed to research and development of plastic and electronic field with advanced equipment and professional technicians. With professional management team from oversea, it brings in advanced management.   

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