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Packaging requirements for industry concern

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Packaging requirements for industry concern
As we all know, the component industry is very strict with the packaging design, packaging management and related packaging technology standards, specifications, customization and implementation requirements. Because it involves the management of the whole supply chain from the production line, storage to logistics and transportation. Whether the package is reasonable or not is directly related to the safety, quality, efficiency and cost of the parts in the whole process of logistics. Auto parts industry in addition to the packaging in addition to the protection performance requirements, there are the following points are also very concerned about the industry.
Grouping function. For the purpose of material handling or transportation, the goods are arranged into units suitable for moving and transporting, such as those suitable for the use of pallets, containers, shelves, or trucks, freight trains, etc..
Two, tracking function. A good package of the goods can track the goods in each process of receiving, storage, collection, transportation in logistics system. Such as bar code labels will be printed with time, variety, number, group number and other information posted on the items for electronic instrument recognition, can make manufacturers, wholesalers and warehousing enterprises quickly and accurately acquisition, processing and exchange of relevant information, to strengthen the control over the goods, reduce the goods in circulation in the process of the damage or loss, improve the tracking and management capability and efficiency.
Three, efficiency function. If the packaging design does not take full account of the needs of all aspects of the logistics system processing, then the efficiency of each link of the logistics system will be affected by packaging. For example, in order to improve the efficiency of cargo handling, most goods have to go through the group after packing for transport, handling and handling convenient transportation process, shorten operation time, reduce labor intensity, improve the efficiency of mechanization. On the other hand, the uniform packing of a kind of goods makes it easier for the goods to be piled up and counted, thus improving the efficiency of warehousing
Four, convenience function. Convenient and functional packaging is convenient for all aspects of logistics. As for transportation, packing size, weight and shape, preferably with the transportation, handling size and weight of the equipment, with convenient transportation and storage; for warehousing, packaging should be simple and convenient storage, mobile, easy to identify distinctive signs and has sufficient strength.
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