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How to identify safety seats for injection and blow molding

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How to identify safety seats for injection and blow molding
One: blow molding and injection molding process principle
Blow molding is the extrusion of molten plastic blank placed in the mold, with compressed air blowing and affixed to the cavity wall, hardened by cooling into plastic parts; materials use more HDPE (simple show the following picture).
How to identify safety seats for injection and blow molding
Injection molding is to use the injection machine screw or plunger to make the molten material in the cylinder, injection molding machine nozzle, mold pouring system, into the shape of the cavity and curing. Therefore, the injection molding die is better in compression and toughness, and basically uses PP particle material. (simply show the picture below).
How to identify safety seats for injection and blow molding
In other words: blow molding products are hollow, injection molding products are solid. The injection mold is of fine texture, precise size and better compression resistance. PP particles have the advantages of good setting, difficult deformation, flexibility, strong resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance and so on. This is also the reason why more and more popular plastic injection.
Two: safety seat injection molding applications and advantages and disadvantages
We can see from the forming process, simple structure, suitable for blow molding products production, such as used in the safety seat can not be adjusted to any part of the seat or seat is adjusted by other means small angle, and removable seat is basically the injection molding process can be used for blow molding; safety seat structure is more complicated, such as head position, horizontal rotation can be adjusted, sitting and lying can be adjusted, can be folded and other functions.
Advantages and disadvantages of blow molding:
The utility model has the advantages that the structure is simple, the chair is light, and the price is cheap.
Disadvantages: the function is relatively simple, the surface appearance is not very beautiful, product grade is low.
Advantages and disadvantages of injection molding:
Advantages: precise size, beautiful surface; seat can realize more functions; comfort enhancement; anti pressure enhancement; impact resistance enhancement
Disadvantages: heavy seat, relatively high cost
As the cost of blow molding equipment is low, most of China's low-end safety seats (including many foreign brands at the end) are using blow molding technology. Of course, many of these products are tested by ECE.
Three: how to distinguish between injection and blow molding safety seats?
Blow molding products, injection molding products
1, material: general product is HDPE or PP material, can roughly distinguish blow molding or injection molding products, PP is not easy to deformation, good shock resistance, cold resistance and heat resistance etc., injection molding is widely use of this material, white is more beautiful, more expensive. The blow molding is basically HDPE material, this product is cheaper, less materials, black appearance based. So when you buy, be sure to ask the body of the chair.
2, look at the price: it can be said that the 1500 seat below is the blow molding process, injection molding are more than 1500, of course does not rule out individual manufacturers selling price for fish, injection blow molding material. Because of the blow molding equipment compared to injection molding equipment, the purchase cost is much lower, second blow molding process is simple, mold development costs are low, of course, the use of materials is relatively cheap. More than 1500 of the injection safety seat, foreign brands higher prices.
3, look at the surface: blow molding products, surface fineness, color, slightly less rough, there will be uneven surface, burr phenomenon. Therefore, blow molding seats are mostly black plastic, the naked eye is not easy to find, and if found to be black, it is necessary to carefully distinguish whether blow molding. Injection molding product surface smooth, texture than blow molding products better, better than resistance to blow, safety seat will use high-end white PP materials than black can more effectively prevent the two feed back in, because the material back to the plastic color will be black and gray with black spots, the material can effectively avoid recognition it is also one of the reasons, we recommend the use of plastic products is a little more expensive, the most important after all at ease.
How to identify safety seats for injection and blow molding
4, pay attention to weight: blow molding because it is hollow, injection molding is solid, that weight is very easy to distinguish between the elements. The safety seat of blow molding is much lower than 7.5kg, and the net weight of injection products is more than 10kg. Also note that there are businesses falsely marked net weight, you must ask carefully.
5, see the details: gear adjustment, in general, blow molding structure is relatively simple, can adjust the place is not much, especially tilt adjustment. The injection molded parts are assembled by a plurality of small moulds, and the structure is more complicated, and the functions can be realized, such as a plurality of height adjustment and multi gear angle adjustment.
How to identify safety seats for injection and blow molding
6, look at one type hard interface, injection molding parts itself higher cost, in order to reflect more value, use ISOFIX hard interface, to enhance the price sharing costs.
7, injection molding and part of injection molding should not be confused: here can only provide some simple identification methods, not one by one on the list of professional market, change multiterminal, "smart" business times, posing as blow molding injection molding parts, and recently appeared on the market a lot of injection molding and blow molding combined posing as injection products, low-end products sell at high prices, really bad! As a seat, the full injection refers to the body of the chair, plastic components are injection molding products, rather than a small part of the PP full injection molding, it can be called injection molding products.
Injection of seat safety, comfort, strong, more functional, more high-grade appearance, of course, the price is higher. Even if choose blow molding, also must choose professional manufacturer to produce, pass the brand of safe test, both can undertake according to individual circumstance
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